Syed Turab Shah Meet with the Dr. Mubashir Chaudhry in Houston

A researcher with a Doctorate in Public Health from the University of Texas Health Science Center and a primary focus on Health Services Organization. Additionally licensed to assist in a wide range of operative procedures in the field of General & Cardio-Thoracic Surgery while providing high-quality patient care.

Mubashir Chaudhry, DrPH. LSA is the founder and serving as Chief Executive Officer and President of Universal Surgical Partners based in Sugar Land, Texas. Universal Surgical Partners is a fast-growing group of Physicians and Licensed Surgical Assistants, a Texas-based surgical practice management firm that expands over 75 years of combined experience across our leadership. USP helps Surgical Providers jumpstart their practices, maximize earnings, reduce bureaucratic headaches and optimize for growth. Practitioners benefit from our wealth of industry experience and operational expertise, as well as our firm rooting in the norms and standards of Texas healthcare. Our Physician and Surgical Assistants support and aid various surgeons during operative procedures for the continuum of care while performing hospital rounds and managing patients. 

USP Physicians Assistants are vital to the success of operative procedures as they offer the support and care needed for both surgeons and patients not only intra-operatively but pre and post-operatively. The Physician Assistants are graduates of accredited U.S. Physician Assistantprograms with extensive training in all major surgical specialties. USP Surgical Assistants are mostly qualified and trained Surgeons from different countries where they have successfully completed medical school and formal training in surgical specialties across the board. Our Surgical Assistants are unique in their skill set and hands-on expertise in various specialties that simply streamline the process of operative procedures while ensuring safety for all patients. Surgeons, patientsand hospitals gain the most benefit from Licensed Surgical Assistants who are available 24/7. Universal Surgical Partners is proud to work with world’s finest surgeons within the group. 

Universal Surgical Partnerseffectively provide state-of-the-art surgical support to the surgeons for the safest outcome for the patients and hospitals for the operative procedures. USP have an exceptional group ofPA’s and LSA’s who are committed to providing extra-ordinary care through the critical phases of operative procedures in order to devote their expertise to ensure high-quality patient care. 

Dr. Mubashir Chaudhry is also the founder of Patient Benefit Foundation that holds an underlying principle and mission for assisting people with under or un-insured status or those in need that are unable to find access to affordable elective surgical healthcare.Patient Benefit Foundation’s mission is to serve those who are underinsured so that they are able to receive high-quality and extremely urgent health-care access they need. Dr. Chaudhry Supervise the foundation’s daily and quarterly operations, logistics and development, develop financial repertory and allocate funding for the foundation, assist surgeons in identifying patients in need and arranges financial resources for patients for elective surgery.